An activity filled shoebox, delivered to your door, for busy parents and caregivers who want to provide toddlers with all the sensory, tactile and motor-planning skills they need!

  • Your Sensory Shoebox contains 28 activities for toddlers, aged 2-4 years
  • Activities aid tactile, sensory, fine motor-planning and cognitive development
  • Easy-to-follow activity guide for parents and caregivers included
  • Activities based on child development research and its application by therapists

What's in the box?

- tangram puzzle
- pom poms
- giant tweezer
- large colourful stacking buttons
- pipe cleaners
- 2 different colours paint
- animal shaped sponges
- different textured paper
- sea creature stickers
- playdough
- playdough cutter
- shape cutters
- farmyard picture card
- large pegs
- a COMPLETE activity guide and some additional ideas to get you going on your own!

Super Shoebox Skills

Sensory Shoebox activities encourage a wide range of developmental skills, some of which are:

  - Problem solving
 - Visual, colour and shape recognition
 - Imagination
 - Language
 - Fine motor development
 - Tactile awareness
 - Pincer grasp
 - Hand-eye coordination
 - Auditory
 - Creativity
 - Concentration